The 90 Day Stretch - Are you ready for your 2020 transformation?


2020 is around the corner. Mind boggling! It’s remarkable what sort of transformation can occur in a 90 day span. Too often we kickoff the year with ‘resolutions’ that fall short. I am a big fan of little wins that accumulate into large transformations. Consider the next 90 days as an opportunity to accomplish some of your most awaited goals. Here are a few ideas below to get those gears turning and start creating some output. What are you waiting for?!


What would your world look like if you committed to 3 workouts a week for the rest of the year? A proper approach to your health goals can impact every facet of your life. Weave in constant hydration, no eating after 7PM (or at least 10+ hours from last meal to the next day), good sleep and be prepared for mental and physical transformation!


When was the last time mom or dad got a call? What about your cousin across the country that you grew up playing cops and robbers with? Are your aunts and uncles a quick flight away? Quality time with family can be a healthy calibration exercise. Our life didn’t start with our career and it won’t end with you behind a desk! Make the time to dive back into your roots and check in with family!


Our professional aspirations and accomplishments are vapor without our community and network. Who in your network has helped you reach your goals? Who will be instrumental to coaching you to the next level? What are you waiting for? Send that text and get coffee booked!


Autumn is an exhaustion season for many professionals. Summer catch up is over, budgets are approved and while everyone needs a break, no one is willing to admit it. The best thing you can do in the Fall is consider what needs to be accomplished in the next 90 days to close the year out strong. All deals outside of having line of site to close need to be pushed and respectively disqualified. Side projects can take a pause for laser focus and execution mode. This is also a great time to make it known to your leadership team what your goal is for next year and get a plan in place. 


Q4 earnings are coming! Summer spending is over. Yes, your pumpkin spice latte is more expensive. Let me help you. Double espresso over ice, cut unnecessary expenses, save as much as you can, get a pre-approval letter just incase to lock in a remarkable rate, move your savings into a high interest savings account, sell off all of your excess items, cut the cord and get ready to start investing for 2020. Outside of all the ideas above - tackle debt first above ALL things. We will have many more financial articles to come in the future. (I am not a financial advisor and not giving formal guidance here. Yes, my lawyers love this statement).


Rain, coffee, your fireplace and sweatpants. No, this is not a recipe for more TV. I’m talking about taking advantage of turning seasons to LEARN! This is your way to battle inflation and become more strategic and valuable asset to society. What new skill do you need to learn to become a better version of you? No ideas? How about learning the basics of cloud infrastructure, coding, taking a finance course, attending a storytelling seminar, start learning a new language, learn how to build an Alexa skill. Nothing comes to mind? Contact me! I will help you. 

Build a Mantra 

Starting with a complete sentence of who you want to be in 2020 is a great way to visualize your goal. Consider the best NBA players and golfers in the world - everything is visualized. Give the template below a shot and aim for the stars. 

Here is an example of a Mantra for 2020

In the next 90 days, I want accomplish 5 goals that will set my 2020 up for success. I want to spend quality time with ________. Financially my goal is to save $_______. Professionally, I intend to network with ______ professionals in the area and get involved in ____ projects for next year. My body and mental health come first above all things. I choose to _____ and ____ multiple times a week for the rest of the year.

Build a system that works for you


Here is a quick sample of how I organize my thoughts. These posts can be found all over my house in notebooks or stickies. The best gratification is finding these notes and crossing off accomplishments. Remember that a win is a win, and we all need them. 

Interested in putting together a plan for your personal or professional career? I’d love to hear from you and how we can work together!


Who am I?

Shawn Ahmadi is a Seattle based communication and sales professional. His work is focused on helping people, professionals and executives break down complex concepts in simple, practical ways. His approach brings together stories in the technology and academic community to help others achieve practical and meaningful contributions to society. Shawn has worked at some of the worlds fastest growing technology firms including Amazon Web Services, and is an active member of the University of Washington Communication Leadership Masters program.